Azimuth Electronics Inc. Test and Burn-in Sockets

Innovations in socketry........

Our Voyage

On the east coast, in New Jersey, the mid-fifties we began making Sockets. Azimuth Electronics Inc. was offered opportunities to service growing needs for socketry in support of military programs concentrated in Southern California.  Maintaining east-west facilities thru the mid 60’s it became apparent that a “full strength” presence in California would be prudent.  Since 1974 Azimuth has maintained its facility in San Clemente.  With a committed staff, half for more than 25 years, their talents have provided strength for the company’s diversifications in support of the automotive, computer, medical, military and telecommunications industries.

Azimuth Electronics Inc., is a US manufacturer of Test and Burn-in Sockets.  If your company has a need for Sockets, Azimuth would appreciate the opportunity to offer our skills and service.

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